Types Of Engagement Ring

One of the first things an engaged couple often do is begin shopping for engagement rings. Sure, sometimes the guy will do this on his own so he already has the ring when he pops the question, but it can seem like a daunting challenge, especially if you really aren't sure what type of ring would best suit your future wife. There are definitely many things to consider, including the type of stone, the cut, whether it should be set in silver, gold, platinum, or even the finish. Some simple guidelines can definitely help.

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Diamond or Other Gemstone

Many women prefer a diamond for their engagement ring, but there are certainly plenty of women who would rather have a ruby or other gemstone. It's important to know your options and learn about the various factors that determine quality and ultimately, the price. Most jewellers will offer a bit of training or education regarding the cut, clarity, and carat of diamonds and how each can affect the look and price.

Popular Cuts for Engagement Rings

Some of the most popular cuts for a woman's engagement ring include a traditional princess cut, as well as marquise, cushion, oval, and emerald cuts. Each cut has its own unique beauty. The specific cut will depend on factors, such as the type of setting you choose. Some rings will have a larger stone that is more prominent, with smaller diamonds or gemstones surrounding it. Your options are almost unlimited. Whether you choose a custom designed ring, or you choose one of the jewellers settings and pick a stone to have mounted in it, your finished ring will be something that will bring plenty of pride and enjoyment.

Tradition versus Modern Styles

Many couples know exactly what type of ring they want. Maybe they lean more towards the traditional styles and want something that will always look like a classic; however, there are also plenty of people who want something completely unique, something that speaks to their own personal sense of style. You'll find rings that range from very classic styling to stunning modern designs, or even a combination of the two. Sometimes it's the finish you choose or the type of metal that the stones are mounted in that can make a ring look totally different. A touch of flair that speaks to your own personal creative sense is always something you'll be able to enjoy.